technical know-how

The Workshop

Our Caterham race team trained technicians can service your pride and joy, supply and fit upgrades or provide post race and track day checks. For everything else including new builds and track setups please get in touch.

PT Sports Cars - Servicing your car?


oil change to full service

We can help keep your Caterham in tip top condition with regular servicing but moreover we will be honest with you as to what your car needs.  Per mile driven, Caterhams must be some of the most over-serviced cars on the planet which is ironic given that the engines are typically fairly standard, under stressed power plants. We can help you look after your car properly without racking up big bills unnecessarily.

PT Sports Cars - prepping your car?


From exhausts to suspension

We can advise and undertake a number of standard and aftermarket upgrades on your Caterham as well as more exotic work. From wide-track suspension to limited slip differentials to power upgrades, we can help you get the best our of your car whether on the road or the track.

PT Sports Cars - Race tuition


One stop safety experts

We can advise on safety upgrades such as full cages for track days or racing, Hans device fitting and most importantly post track, race or sprint check overs. Our technicians know the most common faults and undertake all necessary checks to keep you safe when pushing your car to the limit.